Larger an' Simpler Blue-on-White Bowl; Chrysanthemum & Moth Motif

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    7 1/8" diameter, 1 1/2" high, ~4 1/4" foot rim; ~14 1/4 oz.
    16-lobed rim (Imperial?), with another atypical signature, in both form an' off-center location.
    Sold by the same fellow at about the same time (late '90s). I believe he said it was made after 1850, so just pre-Meiji. Anything y'all can add to that admittedly meagre description will be very welcome. Thanks, again, for lookin'!

    A79D8A48-0B40-4BC1-9D14-07795FC4C3A4_1_201_a.jpeg 39F4F278-F3BD-4D7B-AAC3-FA65C1FB2AD9_1_201_a.jpeg 788A0744-3CB7-4F57-9E35-27C38D33E380_1_201_a.jpeg 213FC19C-076E-4739-9CFC-3EFE348D71E1_1_201_a.jpeg 94331DDF-F78B-4F64-848A-828E779DE54B_1_201_a.jpeg 0B2E5A6E-B51E-41DE-9F9C-E11F62481FE0_1_201_a.jpeg 9C94458F-2FC9-44D2-904F-C4B90F168F4B_1_201_a.jpeg
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    All these plates you have are really interesting and not typical stuff you see, but I know nada! The mark looks almost like a monogram.
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