Lava dish ID?

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    hi all, picked this shallow dish today, it measures 8 1/2" wide by 1 1/2" high. Heavy pottery and appears reddish clay, glazed thinly in dark brown, then overglazed with white and green lava type thick glaze, but I'm no expert. Just looked similar to those 1970's west german lava vases to me. Initials Wv on the underside but I'm unable to find a possible artist with those initials , all I come up with is Wye Valley by Margaret Leach but she was only working 1940-50s. Has anyone seen similar style or initials. May just be some obscure pottery from the 1970's of which there were many I believe...or maybe done last week
    many thanks
    PS the colours are a bit brighter than in the photos with the white stripes having a green tinge.

    IMG_20220526_221123255s.jpg IMG_20220526_221152698s.jpg IMG_20220526_221226824s.jpg IMG_20220526_221346699s.jpg
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