Little Guy is Ticked Off

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    A47444DC-77D2-4E62-92D2-66650675031C.jpeg D14636A9-6C43-4C22-BB54-0ACC79177870.jpeg A4EE3D4F-02BA-43C5-98C7-DFF59E67C637.jpeg Howdy all!

    Please help me age this little guy. Reminds me of a newsboy from the 20s. Not sure who crossed his path but he is adorable with frown and all. He stands about 2 1/2 inches tall. No markings. Appears handpainted. Any idears how old, what he is called, who made him and what he is ticked off about???
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  2. charlie cheswick

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    i think the boy next door to him just got a brand new bike delivered :)
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  3. dgbjwc

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    He is cute. Petulant children were considered adorable for awhile but lord knows it never worked for me! :( My first thought is one of the California figurine companies but that's just a guess. If it is California it would probably date closer to the just post WWII than the Depression.
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