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    Bonham's in San Francisco is no longer accepting anything valued under $1000.00
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  2. We are a small antique auction house located in Aurora, Oregon with an average lot price of $75-$150. We handle all the shipping for our clients. We think it makes it easier for bidders to purchase. However, judging by the surprise we get from new bidders, apparently, we are the minority!
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    Like Christies or sothey's, they don't even accepting consignments over $10000(silver value or gold value) if they are contemporary arts by not popular artists.
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    Good to hear from you again.
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    Thank you..long
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    Missed you. I always look forward to your insights. I read them with rapt attention. :):):):)
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    Thank you.
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    It's the shipping that does me in with LiveAuctioneers. If you have to use some 3rd party firm that specializes, you're pretty much looking at a minimum cost of over $150 for even a trinket - if you can find someone who works with that auctioneer.

    With one item in which I was interested, I sent the auctioneer a question about shipping, sent one of their "shipping partners" a question about shipping: didn't hear back from either.

    For low cost items (couple hundred dollars or so), you better be in a position to pick up.
  9. KikoBlueEyes

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    @James Conrad, turned me on to USHIP, which is a clearinghouse for small shippers. My Chippendale chair hooked a ride with a truck going to LA. They did a fantastic job with my piece. Wrapped it, covered it and strapped it.
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    Thanks for the info from James!
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    I have participated in several auctions featured on Live Auctioneer and purchased some Sumida pottery at great prices. The negative for a buyer is the cost of shipping from the auction house to you. The site is free to sign up and invaluable as a resource for what sells and for how much at auctions across the country.
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    I was wondering about them. Thanks everyone who commented. Nice to get views from all angles
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