Livre de Corbeilles et vases de fleurs, Book Plate

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    Hi all, I think I had posted this a while back.
    I'm 99 % sure it is real 1750-1780?
    Engraved by Avril L'aine after L Tessiers paintings for the books
    that were made sometime between 1750 and 1775-1780
    My only hurdle is to have someone look at the paper.
    Does this look like laid paper?

    atree 23763.jpg
    atree 23764.jpg
    atree 23760.jpg
    atree 23759.jpg
    atree 23757.jpg
    Here is a link to one i found on special edition blue laid paper
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    We really can't tell from your photos - too dim and blurry. The best way to see laid lines is to hold the paper up to the light, which requires that it be out of the frame. But you might be able to see it if you use a raking light source - hold a strong flashlight almost parallel to the surface so that it highlights any texture. But it might not work shining through glass.
    Do you know what you are looking for? Handmade laid paper was made on a screen and will retain an impression of the wires:
    laid paper 2.jpg
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  3. 916Bulldogs123

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    I will have to get it out of the frame . Thanks
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