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  1. Bondeddy112

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    We have an 1841 coverlet with weaver Jacob Kichlin's name on it. The Kichlines were a prominent family in the Hellertown PA. It is in excellent condition. It was woven in the Lower Saucon/Hellertown, area of Pennsylvania. It was purchased from a member of the Kichlin family about 27 years ago and has been stored in a cedar chest. Looking for information on what the Coverlet is worth. We have found comparable ones in the $900 range, but want to be sure. We are looking to sell it.

    It measures 79" x 93" including the fringe, and from the inner edge to center seam is 35 3/4", so it would have been made on a 36" loom

    It is made of red, cream, light blue, and dark blue wool. Images are attached below. In case the images don't work, here is a link to them:

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  2. i need help

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  3. Ghopper1924

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    Wow,what a beauty. And look at that condition!
  4. komokwa

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    i don't even see any fold marks..... wow...
  5. Bakersgma

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    For being almost 180 years old, that is amazing. Like it's been stored away in a cedar chest the whole time, not just the last 27 years.

    Did you get any biographical info on the Jacob who wove this coverlet? (there were several Jacobs who would have been old enough to have done this, based on the 1850 census records for that area, but none that I found had an occupation other than farmer.)
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  6. Bondeddy112

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    Thank you for the replies!! Yes, it is quite beautiful. I had never seen it until my grandmother brought it out today, and i was shocked at the condition. It looks brand new!

    Bakersgma, we are not sure about Jacob. I will check with Hellertown Historical Society and see if they can assist at all with old records. My grandmother may still know someone from the Kichlin family who might have information, we're Hellertown Natives and she knew some of them (now spelled Kichline, I believe).

    Any guesses on its value?

    Thank you again for the responses!
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  7. Bakersgma

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    I'm not a textiles person, so I really couldn't guess on value. But can I ask a question? It appears to be double-sided. Were 2 woven and then sewn together before the fringe was added?
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  8. 2manybooks

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    It has to do with the way the loom was set up. The colors alternate as the heddles are changed, creating reverse patterns on each side. It is typical of these coverlets.

    For something this nice, in such good condition and with great provenance, you might want to consider a specialized auction service. The Antiques Roadshow has featured a textile expert, Karen Augusta, that might be able to provide advice:
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  9. Bakersgma

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  10. Bondeddy112

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    It is woven into one single piece of cream colored wool, definitely not two separate pieces. It is just very thick. The backside is the exact opposite of the front- Where the stars and other shapes are cream on the front, they are red, blue, or dark blue on the back and the name blocks are also reversed.
    One of the pictures Included shows this- One name block per side is Mirrored so you can display it dark side up or light side up and still read the name and date correctly. I hope this helps!
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  11. Christmasjoy

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    It's BEAUTIFUL !!! ... Also it could have been woven by a family member FOR Jacob as a gift. Truly a lovely item .. Joy.
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  12. patd8643

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    Oh yummm...! What a beautiful work of art. Have always been a fan of Lancaster County or PA German handwork. We have several hand woven & signed blue and cream coverlets around here. MIL always referred to hers as pine tree coverlets. When not in use, she kept hers rolled on a tube and packed in a cedar closet. You are so lucky to have such a work of art.
    If I were considering selling, I would contact some of the large auction houses with your pictures, maybe a couple around Lancaster, too. A piece of this quality should bring out the bidders.
  13. i need help

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  14. Aquitaine

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    That is a GORGEOUS Coverlet!!!! And the Antiques Roadshow folks have been VERY helpful to me several times, so a GOOD source!! But I believe @i need help also just gave you a good link too!! I would have GREAT difficulty parting with something that beautiful!!!!!:happy::happy:
  15. i need help

    i need help Well-Known Member

    I would hang onto it too. But if you prefer to sell, I would get as much background information first and deal with a reliable auction house specializing in this. Other members will be along. Maybe someone has recommendations.
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  16. Bondeddy112

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    So far I have sent out 5 emails. One to Karen Augusta from the antiques roadshow, one to a Barbara Woodford, and the rest to some other names either in or close to PA that I came across on the AQS website. Hopefully this will yield some good info.

    Both my grandmother and I share this sentiment. She is sad to part with it. she had originally intended to donate it to the Hellertown Historical society, but some unfortunate circumstances have come up. She's certainly taken amazing care of it over the years and it has had a wonderful home.

    I will check out that link you posted! This seems like the best way to go, a specialized auction house. Many thanks for this helpful information!

    We'll keep digging around locally to see what comes up. I'm totally unfamiliar with textiles of this sort so all of the wonderful responses have been great to see!
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  17. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    @Bondeddy112 , I'm just catching up with some threads and saw this. Wishing you well in getting some information from the people you've written to. And wishing your grandmother well, too!

    It's beautiful.
  18. komokwa

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