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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Lando, Dec 4, 2022.

  1. Lando

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    Hey Guys, I ve been doing some research on this Medallion for the last few days but can't find any info on this. Found some familiar but none with this particular subject matter. It does say Italy on the very bottom and it's about the size of a quarter. Also has some green tarnishing on the rear of the coin. I'm also adding a picture of the case I found it in. Inside the case was a black sand like substance... I don't know if that is the felt that has dried over the years or it's something to keep the Medallion from tarnishing... any info would be appreciated! Thanks again guys. 20221204_220941.jpg 20221204_220745.jpg 20221204_220718.jpg 20221204_220624.jpg
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  3. Debora

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    The sports include baseball and basketball. Perhaps not meant for the Italian market.

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    maybe something Olympics related? - tennis, swimming, gymnastics, running too.
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    Suspect your black sand is the remains of a foam rubber type material.
  6. Lando

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    @Bronwen thats exactly what Im thinking as I deep further in this specific box... Thanks!
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    Thx Deb!!!
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