Lots and lots of plastic charms and prizes

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  1. Snipsa

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    Hi all,

    I recently acquired a huge lot (>1000 pieces) of plastic and celluloid charms and figures.

    I have tried to remove most of the Kobe and Celluloid charms first and is now busy with trying to sort the rest into semi-related lots.

    I will be posting these on here as they are sorted. Any help whatsover with dating these as well as possible origin (gumball, chocolate eggs, etc) would be greatly appreciated

    First bunch:
    Ballerina's. Marked Hong Kong. Topper of sorts?

    Second one
    Alice in wonderland? No markings

    Soft plastic Bunny and Mouse. Mouse definitely resembles Mickey Mouse. Appears to be similar to the buildable toys you get in Kinder Joy and the like...No markings

    Soft plastic not-jointed dolls. Possibly Celluloid on the right. Marked Hong Kong.


    A whole lot of Disney related items all in a maroon/red colour. No markings

    Last for now:

    Also a lot of Disney related items. These are all clear. No markings


    This is what I will continue to sort and post some questions about on this thread:
  2. SBSVC

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    Well, the ballerinas were definitely cake or cupcake toppers. I remember them from when I was a kid (late 1950's-1960-'s) but as I recall, they were still around in the 1980's when my daughter was little.
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    I remember those ballerina ones too. May have had some on cupcakes as well as cakes when I was a kid. Just a guess but if they are marked Hong Kong, I think those would be 70's or 80's.
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