LYFA lamp? Can anyone ID this?

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by Number 47, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Number 47

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    Hi guys, I bought this brass reading up and down light. It is marked LYFA on the joint and has a thumbscrew setup I have found on a lamp for sale online. I am suspicious that this is a put together from bits and bobs lamp but everything about it screams quality to me. Every part is threaded. It's nice in it's own right and will be my reading lamp in my living room but this marking has changed everything. Do I have something special or just a conglameration of parts?

    Looking at this online ad I have the same articulated lamp holder marked LYFA and the same thumbscrew. IMG-20200119-WA0019.jpg IMG-20200119-WA0022.jpg
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    Lyfa is a Danish Company...started in 1930...High end great quality. The older lamps command a higher price. For more info try looking here.
    It would be nice if we could see the whole lamp in order to date it.
  3. Number 47

    Number 47 Active Member

    Sorry. More pictures. IMAG0139.jpg IMAG0140.jpg IMAG0141.jpg IMAG0142.jpg IMAG0143.jpg IMAG0144.jpg
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  4. Number 47

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    I've stripped it down. I thought it must be a bunch of parts making a decent lamp but the work just seems a bit much for a conglomaration. Every connection is threaded. It's all really quality work, the transverse support is very well made and hand worked. ( I can see the hammer marks)
    The base seems a bit chintzy though for the type of design I would expect. It's either very early or a mismatch of parts IMHO.

    IMAG0147.jpg IMAG0148.jpg IMAG0150.jpg
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