Made in Japan Yomeimon Gate book end? help with age

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    Hi all I hope someone can help with dating this piece. made of cast metal on a wood base. You can see from the side view that they used to be attached.
    With the base it measures 6" x 6" x 3"
    Casting is good but not great. I was told it was Pre-war. That would make it after 1921.
    and before 1944. I was guessing late 40s but then it would be occupied Japan, right?
    I'm not totally sure it's a bookend either. may be an altar piece. I appreciate any thoughts. I have showed it to a few of my collector friends and by majority the initial thought is late 1930's
    100_1642.JPG 100_1643.JPG 100_1648.JPG 100_1647.JPG 100_1651.JPG 100_1653.JPG 100_1660.JPG 100_1661.JPG 100_1663.JPG
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