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  1. NTC Collector

    NTC Collector Active Member

    Hi all, I found this today and cannot locate an identical shape. It’s missing the atomiser but the hardware seems old to me and like others I see identified as 1930s Czech - but I’m drawing a blank on the maker. Measures 12.5cm long and 11cm high. I’d appreciate any help.

    CFBA2BEA-4CDA-4C67-9130-2E6B80E9AA55.jpeg 5EEDD048-8453-4FDE-82CD-B0C74801F806.jpeg EB02F8CA-8735-48DA-990C-2EBF8944562C.jpeg 8384E831-8419-4C84-8653-00D807DA261A.jpeg 18FFEDA5-2BBC-48A6-962A-B29AF1388F72.jpeg
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  2. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    1930s Czech is correct. Maybe 'malachite glass perfume atomizer' helps your search for the maker.
    And there is also our wonderful @bercrystal .:)
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  3. NTC Collector

    NTC Collector Active Member

    Thanks @Any Jewelry that’s what I’ve been searching with lots similar but alas not this one so far. And yes @bercrystal has helped me before so always appreciate her advice.
    I wonder if this is in the Ingrid line book but I don’t have access to it - maybe someone else does.
  4. bercrystal

    bercrystal Well-Known Member

    I do not know much about the Ingrid line or Malachite bottles either for that matter. However, I am wondering about the obvious mold line shown in photo #5. I would think that would have been smoothed out had it been made by a quality maker.

    There are a lot of more modern bottles made from the old molds many of which were not marked early on or even now for that matter.

    Here are a couple of articles I saw online about the vintage Czech bottles. The first one was written by 2 people I know & are both extremely knowledgable about the subject.



    I do not recognize a specific maker of the hardware. Can you get the hardware apart? What type of material is the attached draw tube made of - metal vs. glass vs. plastic?
  5. NTC Collector

    NTC Collector Active Member

    Many thanks @bercrystal - yes I was familiar with one of those articles so always wary of malachite. I too saw the mold line as a bad sign however the item clearly has age that others I see don’t, and the hardware is not new. The tube is metal not plastic but also not the glass I read many used.

    I’m curious that it’s not one I can find another example of making me think less likely very recent.

    However, this further article I found indicates some were redone in the 1950s as well so that could seem more possible and explain the mold lines and hardware.

    Another option is of the period but a lesser quality company - I collect Czech glass and that certainly happens for other wares.

    Thanks again, I’ll keep exploring to see what I can turn up.
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  6. bercrystal

    bercrystal Well-Known Member

    The metal draw tubes were usually used early like pre-1920s.
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  7. NTC Collector

    NTC Collector Active Member

    311E6F65-0D86-40A9-9D96-60C3F6EF9FB5.jpeg 4B4A83E1-E6B0-4901-8C26-7B855CB0F057.jpeg
    It just gets more perplexing:)
    @bercrystal this is the tube, I think at some stage it’s snapped at the bottom because it’s a bit short and has an angle at the bottom.
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  8. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    I have my grandmother's period malachite glass perfume bottle.
    These are often attributed to Curt Schlevogt, which seems to be one of those names people throw about, and is probably not the case with my humble little bottle.


    It also has an obvious mold line:

    Pre-1938 name Czechoslovakia:

    Blurry photo, but it also says 'made in Czechoslovakia' on the round brass tag on the stopper (and it still smells of my grandmother's perfume, Arabian jasmine:happy:):

    One thing that is mentioned in some articles on repros, is that the recent ones are more uniform in colour, they don't have the dark green or clear striation.
    So I wonder if the fairly uniform green on NTC's bottle is what they mean, and if it is a sign that it is not of the period.
    On the other hand, the hardware looks old to me.
    Or could it be a marriage?

    Just thinking aloud, not saying it is or isn't, that's up to people more knowledgeable on the subject.
  9. bercrystal

    bercrystal Well-Known Member

    That is definitely older hardware c.pre-1920s.

    The bottles with the type of hardware were made separately from the bottle & were usually used on a multitude of different bottles.

    This is how DeVilbiss did their bottles. They actually only made the metal portions & bought bottles from just about everyone who made glass bottles over the years.

    They would apply some type of adhesive material to the neck, place the threaded metal collar over the neck of the bottle & then screw the coordinating atomizer hardware into the collar.

    DeVilbiss would also mix & match excess bottles with excess hardware to make bottles that were not shown in the catalogs. I have several, one of which is sitting in front of me right now, that I only recently realized was an example of this practice.

    I happened across a bottle on eBay that I was fairly certain was sold by DeVilbiss just this past week. I have a book that has reprints of old catalog pages that I keep track of the bottles already in my collection. I looked in the book to see if it was already here or not & saw it was noted that I purchased one back in 2012.

    I looked in every one of my cabinets multiple times but did not see it anywhere. I finally saw a bottle that looked similar in the back corner of one of the cabinets. When I located the print-out of the transaction & compared it to the catalog page I realized what was going on.

    The glass bottles were the same but the hardware was different but hard to distinguish due to the similarity in the shape. Also, I obviously did not read the description closely enough back in 2012 as I totally missed the fact that the one in the catalog had a tiny chain that connected the cap to the bottle which is definitely not on the bottle I have. :rolleyes::rolleyes::bag::p
  10. NTC Collector

    NTC Collector Active Member

    Many thanks @bercrystal and @Any Jewelry I’m pretty comfortable that it’s more likely genuine or at least old.

    Also found this one online that has an Ingrid sticker and also has mold seams and the same top hardware (although a glass tube). Not saying mine is Ingrid, just further support for its age to me.


    I may still be wrong but that’s life :) I’m ok with my original instinct on this more likely being older and not recent.
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  11. NTC Collector

    NTC Collector Active Member

    @Any Jewelry my photos don’t pick it up but the polished sections and detail are quite different colours - it’s one of the things that distinguished it from the many new ones I see around. And the polished sections show the striations well. I noticed in the first link from Bercrystal that they often polished only sections and I think that’s what’s been done with this one.
    And yes someone may know more definitively but in the meantime I really appreciate all the leads and suggestions.
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  12. Barry Stephen

    Barry Stephen Active Member

    are these just called malachite because the material is green? As an old rockhound it doesn't look like real malachite to me, notwithstanding the mould lines...I'm just curious. I remember being in egypt around 20 years ago and they had some hideous resin ornaments in the shops purporting to be malachite...this material looks very glassy for sure
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