Male Figure Atop Asian Coin Replica: What Is It?

Discussion in 'Metalware' started by wlwhittier, Apr 21, 2024.

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    The coin is ~39mm diameter, ~2mm thick; the square hole is ~6.5mm on a side. Overall length is ~81mm, the wee man is ~42mm tall; weight is ~34 grams. Brass or bronze, heavy patina.

    What does this item represent, or whom? What culture is it from? Is there significance in the anatomical correctness? An' lastly, how old is it?
    He came with two other, much more finely done, brass or bronze figures of roughly the same size, which will be posted individually in Metalware subsequently. As always, Thanks for lookin'!

    P1410146.jpeg P1410147.jpeg P1410148.jpeg P1410149.jpeg P1410150.jpeg P1410151.jpeg
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    I'm stunned by the price...but then, it's still for sale.
    I'm content, now, to leave it as found...tho' I sure would like to have a cleaner view of both sides of the 'coin'.
    Thanks, Rayo!
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    This, from Wikipedia; Chinese numismatic charms:
    The formal name for these coins, and the word's pronunciation, was Yasheng coin or money (traditional Chinese: 押胜钱; simplified Chinese: 压胜钱; pinyin: yā shèng qián), but in common modern usage Yansheng is the widely accepted pronunciation and spelling.

    Yansheng coins are also known as "flower coins" or "patterned coins" (traditional Chinese: 花錢; simplified Chinese: 花钱; pinyin: huā qián). They are alternatively referred to as "play coins" (wanqian, 玩钱) in China. Historically, the term "Yansheng coins" was more popular, but in modern China and Taiwan the term "flower coins" has become the more common name.
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    Yeah...I caught that, too. No sense in the way it's described.
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    Yup...found that one, too. Seems it went a bit on the cheap side, compared to others.
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