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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by drg642, Aug 11, 2022.

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    I was not familiar with this style of Mexican jewelry until I read AJ's recent thread. Just so happens I picked these up last week at an estate sale because I thought they were so nice, but I had no idea what they were. Antiquers School of Jewelry strikes again.

    So first, the earrings are unmarked except for a poorly stamped alpaca on the screwbacks. They seem very much like a signed MATL pair on ebay. I assume if not signed then it is not MATL, or is it common to attribute unsigned pieces?


    For the pin, I have not been able to find the mark with various searches including google image search. Does anyone know the mark?

    Thank you!

    aaam1.JPG aaam2.JPG aaam3.JPG aaam4.JPG
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    Gorgeous, love them!
    You're right. Several silversmiths copied the MATL style, some of them had worked for Matilde Poulat herself. She, in fact, was inspired by ethnic jewellery styles, including Moroccan.
    Moroccan MATL was the inspiration for your brooch, but combined with the typical Mexican doves.

    Gustavo Martinez is a good name. He was a close friend of William Spratling.
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    I found the following about G. Martinez' mark in Hougart's.
    "COY" is an abbreviation of Coyocan, a borough of Mexico City/Mexico Distrito Federal. Coyocan means 'place of the coyote', which is why some Martinez marks include the image of a coyote.

    The mark on your brooch has both COY D.F. and a coyote.:)
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    Excellent Debora, thank you!
  7. drg642

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    AJ, great information as usual. Thank you!
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    Forgive me for correction but... Typo above. It's Coyoacán not Coyocán.

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    I really love those !
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    now that's how artists should sign their works !!!!!!!;)
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    Thank you Debora, that makes much more sense.
    It is actually a typo in the Hougart book, but it looked strange to me although I couldn't put my finger on it. Of course the -acán suffix is the usual one, Michoacán, Teotihuacán, etc.
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