Matryoshka Doll 10 piece set..winter fairytale?

Discussion in 'Tribal Art' started by rhiwfield, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. rhiwfield

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    Sorry if this is wrong forum, please move if it should go elsewhere. Have had this set for some time unable to translate the painted name to base or identify the scenes depicted. Any help would be most welcome. Outer doll is 8 inches tall with candelabra painted to back. Troika scene with man abducting (?) girl. Next two men, girl in centre and two cockerels and so on.
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  2. afantiques

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    It appears to have a name and Moscow, 1985 on the bottom.
  3. Figtree3

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    I think the name on the bottom is Katia (Katya) Petrova. Sorry, AF, but I don't see Moskva.

    I can't read the date but it is a year. And 1985 does seem the most likely. The third digit is the one that is almost illegible to me.

    Let's hope the girl is not being abducted!

    This is all one set? How many separate matryoshki are there? The first two photos show the front and back of the largest one... And the last two photos show five each, which I was thinking were front and back of each. But if so, the last photo shows a different back than the candelabra.
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  4. rhiwfield

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    Thanks Figtree!
    Yes, it is all one set with 10 matryoshki, all bar the large one (with the candelabra to back) have a plain black back. Penultimate photo show the 5 larger ones, last photo show the 5 smaller ones.
  5. afantiques

    afantiques Well-Known Member

    Iwas just making a blind stab from the last two letters.I am sure you are right.
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