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    I think I have stumbled onto some very very valuable art - I have two batik panels from India signed Mawasi Ram - Mawasi Ram (1914-2016) was a world reknown freedom fighter - and artist - his batik panels are in (and purchased by not a gift) the MMA and the Phillips (these are just 2 that I know of)
    Village Animals II; Mawasi Ram (India, 1914-2016); mid 20th C; 5459 | eHive
    Mawasi Ram | Panel | The Metropolitan Museum of Art (

    these 2 are MAMMOTH - the blue panel measures 68 1/2" X 28" and the orange panel measures 70" X 28 1/2" - they are both signed - and one has an old paper label - I orange one is dated 1968 - if anyone has any further info on these or any ideas of even where to establish documentation of value I would certainly appreciate it - enjoy the art!

    batik.jpg batik.jpg batik3.jpg batik4.jpg batik6.jpg batik7.jpg batik8.jpg batik9.jpg

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    Mawasi Ram does not seem to be a unique name in India. Were you basing your identification of the artist with the freedom fighter on the information from the Phillips Museum (the dates of birth and death), or were you able to find other corroborating sources as well?

    The Phillips Museum of Art is part of a small liberal arts college. I suspect the catalog information may have been prepared by a student, and may not be entirely reliable.
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    hi - I based it off of date of birth and death - but thanx for the heads up I will double check just to be sure the artist is also the freedom fighter…
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