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  1. Ruth

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    I can't figure out, no matter what I tried, what would be the correct collective name for ephemera used as means of payment. I refer mainly to old but tickets, austerity coupons/vouchers and so on. When trying to describe a lot, I can't just write "xx means of payment", can I? Because means of payment is actually singular. The best I have come up with is "paper items used as means of payment" but this feels clumsy and I am sure there's a better way to describe such lots.
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  2. Joshua Brown

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    If their is a word I don't know it. Usually if someone is selling the type of items you described on... shall we say... Ebay you would not say something vague like "paper items used as means of payment" but instead you would just say what the item is; if it's a ticket say it's a ticket. If you're having trouble describing an assorted lot of these items just list a couple of the most significant items and at the end say "and more." I hope this is helpful!:)
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    negotiable instruments
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  4. quirkygirl

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  5. Ruth

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    Absolutely correct, the problem is that according to the format we use I have to give a general name in the general description and then move on to details.
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  6. Ruth

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    I think that's the term I have been looking for. Thanks! Isn't it strange - no thesaurus I checked mentioned it.
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  7. Lucille.b

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    Not sure if this lot is meant for Ebay, if so, try to also use terms are likely to be searched. If you are going to use "scrip", which even the thesaurus didn't find, maybe add words like "tickets" "austerity vouchers", etc. in the title as well.

    Sounds like an interesting lot!
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  8. quirkygirl

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    I don't think it's a currently used word ... I believe it was pulled out of the crossword solving section of my brain. so as Lucille.b mentioned above, you may wish to use other more common descriptive words as well.
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  9. Figtree3

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    I have read the word "scrip" in recent historical writings and in label plates in a museum exhibit about local currencies that were issued just for one town or city in the 19th century.
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