Miami Grand Prix Brochue/Book?

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    I found this book? brochure? (It reminds me of the brochure books I've seen when a new high end condo is being built here in Miami & they are trying to pre sell some units) of what looks like the making of the Miami Grand Prix here in 2022.
    I did an image search and found only this:


    but I haven't used my LinkedIn account since my magazine closed several years ago and I don't even have my email anymore, so LinkedIn locked me out!

    Has anyone seen this before or can anyone find it?
    Is it a brochure book for the key people who helped make the Grand Prix possible here in Miami?
    I thought there would be a few examples of one for sale or having sold but I couldn't find any?

    + the only one I could find has a black cover instead of white like mine.

    What do I have here? If it's a small run I'm thinking it has to have value to a Grand Prix fan?
    I'd be grateful for any information - thank you!

    20240520_015634.jpg 20240519_030846.jpg 20240519_030923.jpg

    20240519_030946.jpg 20240519_031024.jpg

    20240519_031024.jpg 20240519_031050.jpg 20240519_031250.jpg 20240519_031211.jpg
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