Mid Century Atomic Red Italian (?) Modernist Pottery. Need help ID

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  1. Lva483

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    Hello and a happy summer to everyone.

    I picked up this large red vase and can't figure out who made it. The signature/mark on the bottom is smeared. When I originally picked it up I thought it was enameled copper, but after further inspection I located a small chip on the rim and realized it was terracotta. Any thoughts regarding its maker/origin?
    Measurements - Height 9¾” / Width 5½”

    5.jpg 6.JPG Thanks everyone for all your help.
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    Might also be Poole.
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    Thank you so much, I've never seen this website before and it's already been super helpful. I think you may be onto something regarding Vallauris, one of the red pieces on the site has a signature done in the same kind've ink, in a similar red, with the same color clay. Good eye, thanks again!
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