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    Chapin's "Crown of Thorns", 148 pp. Copyright 1847, first edition AFAICT from 1848.
    Crown minature.jpg

    I can find no copies online earlier than 1860, so this is a tad unique, and a miniature as well.
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    mine is 3.5 high and 2.5 wide with no inscriptions at all. No idea about that eBay one at all, but zero found on Abebooks. Thank you. Mine is smaller than his and red binding.
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    The eBay link I posted above keeps reverting to another auction. The item I am referring you to is
    #382834112809. Do keep in mind that it was unsold.

    The value of your volume, if any, is in its size not the author, not the subject, factoring in condition.

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    I didn't find anything about the 1848 edition, but did find a lengthy review of the 1847 edition published by Tompkins. The review was published in the Universalist Quarterly in 1847:"crown of thorns" "chapin" miniature&f=false

    I have not found information about an 1848 edition, but it does appear that the first edition was published in 1847. Can you post a clear picture of the title page and the copyright information from yours?

    By the way, it was not unusual in the 19th century for publishers to issue a book with different colored boards/covers. That can mean something, or it may not. Might designate different printings but I'm not sure. I've just observed that it happened fairly often.
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    I don't think the size makes it valuable, especially this kind of theological or inspirational literature was quite often printed in this small format. For a miniature book it's quite big. The binding is machine made and typical for the time, I doubt that the content is interesting today.
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    The title page gives 1848. The "entered" page (verso of title page) says 1847. 3.5 x 2.5 well fits the 19th century common usage of the term, and is far smaller than the "first edition" of 1847. It is absolutely not the same printing, though the cover stamp appears similar. I hope this helps. The leaves are very thin, allowing the book thickness to be about .3 in.
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    Thank you. Helpful information (for my general knowledge.)

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