My Current Audrey Hepburn Collection on Display ❤️Maven

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  1. Someone I know well on here had messaged & asked....This is the current configuration of original Audrey Hepburn that adorns my walls here at home, among other original iconic photos of vintage & antique celeb, that I occasionally move around. There are currently on display, 1 very rare magazine, 3 first generation original prints, and 3 made direct from original negative, one negative I own personally. All the prints range from 1951 through to 1963 (some are by Richard Avedon & Milton Greene). I have others stored away in a storage portfolio that may one day be framed. My Hepburn part of my collection I am particularly fond of, the prints you see framed were all purchased the last few years, and are some of my favourites. *all were obtained through gallery, and very trusted/credible sources. ❤️Maven

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