Mystery signature on this large beautiful pottery planter

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    Hello everyone, another item I am having a hard time looking up. My mothers great find. IMG_9641 copy.jpg IMG_9642 copy.jpg IMG_9645 copy.jpg IMG_9646 copy.jpg IMG_9647 copy.jpg It is stunning as you can see from the pictures. Love the shape and the color on it. The bottom has 1979 and initials DW, possibly DWA....definitely different. This planter measures 8" high, and 11" wide (from handle to handle). Any guidance and information is always much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    That appears to be a hobbyist item. You go to a store that sells pre=made "blanks" paint on the glaze colors you want, they put it in a kiln and Bob's your uncle.
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    Thanks Bakersgma, no wonder I couldn't find a match.
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