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  1. Zeppelin78

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    480D7448-34C6-431F-A02C-D23538E4B147.jpeg 60EA602B-DA4D-4518-AAE3-65E32BB0CAAC.jpeg 49E45AFE-55A9-428C-AA67-4C19598F4CEC.jpeg EF01F183-992C-47C3-B782-DDB23CE1E3E9.jpeg Hello once again to everyone I would like to know if anyone thinks like I do.I be Believe that this was Native American made I was visiting my grandfathers with family and was walking around his property which was Heavily populated by native Americans way back in the day there is pottery shards arrow heads and other fun stuff laying around and this rock was laying around looked burnt so I picked it up and the other side had what looks to be a eagle or a crow anyways it sure be could be natural but where it was located makes me think. What does everyone think. And thoughts would be great. Matt
  2. 2manybooks

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    Might have been used to support a pot near/over a fire, or for stone boiling. I don't see anything else.
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  3. KikoBlueEyes

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    Hi. Matt. You thinking petroglyph here? The tendency in the human brain is to see images in amorphous things like clouds. I agree with 2many books.
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  4. Zeppelin78

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    Thanks all for the replies I believe it’s man made With all the artifacts and The remains of there living quarters that still remain on my grandfathers property and all the petroglyphs that are on the surrounding rock it’s kinda hard to believe that it’s natural but that’s why iam here to see what others thinks it’s great to hear the other responses thanks 2manybooks and blue eyes for your thoughts. Matt
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  5. all_fakes

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    I totally vote for natural. This is a natural rock which has been in a fire, and I'm sure there were lots of fires in the area you are describing. These are exactly the kinds of marks that a fire leaves, as carbon is deposited and reduced in the flames. Anyone who has made a campfire with a ring of stones has seen this sort of mark.

    If one were to think "man-made," then how? Painted on? but that is carbon, and not paint; and there is no known historic tradition of decorating stones with carbon. And if man-made: is this the best they could do, to draw a bird - or an arrowhead - or a portrait of Abraham Lincoln - that looks like a big blob? Really, the ancients were not idiots. If this were intentional, it would not need our imaginations to determine what it was.

    My experience with native artifacts leads me to believe that there are no native-made artifacts that look like this; and in an internet search, I've been unable to find anything like it. That usually doesn't mean something is rare and unusual - but rather that it is too common to be featured much on the internet.
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  6. Hollyblue

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    It is called Pareidolia,at one time Lapidary Journal did a few articles of rock slabs with animals,people,mountain scenes,etc. Some people could see the objects and others couldn't.
  7. Zeppelin78

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    ;)..........Update........ my father took it in to our local Native American Museum and had them look at it they said they Believe that it is Native American made and they took it in as a donation after they do more research on it I will post the Results they also said they have a similar rocks coming out of the area about 10 years ago which they still have . Thanks again everyone for the replies.
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