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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Crystalina, Dec 23, 2020.

  1. Crystalina

    Crystalina Active Member

    I picked up this Westmoreland glass from an Estate Sale. I can't find it anywhere online. I don't have a book on Westmoreland so I hope someone can help me.
    The stem is hand affixed to the bowl instead of being one piece. The stem appear partially pressed if that makes sense, meaning the stem itself has a seam, but the top appears almost free formed. The bowl of the glass appears blown, but not sure. It has the Westmoreland label affixed to it and a grape design I can't find. The ring (band) appears lighter in the photo but is forest green in color.
    I have looked in every place I can think of and I can't find this pattern or the glass itself.
    The glass measures 6.125" tall and a 2.5" base. The stem itself is approx 2.25" and the widest part of the bowl is 2.375" x 2.125" across the mouth, so a slight tapering inward. It's not completely flat on the bottom , about .25" is sunken.
    Any wisdom that you could share would be so greatly appreciated.

    westmoreland faceted stemmed glass 1.jpg westmoreland faceted stemmed glass band.jpg westmoreland faceted stemmed glass design.jpg westmoreland faceted stemmed glass faceted to bowl.jpg westmoreland faceted stemmed glass label.jpg
  2. KikoBlueEyes

    KikoBlueEyes Well-Known Member

    I want to compliment you on your post. Lots of information. Sorry, can't help you with your question.
  3. Cherryhill

    Cherryhill Well-Known Member

    I concur with Kiko, you probably could be considered the expert on that piece, you've described it well, illustrated it well. You know all there is to know about it but it's name/number and date of production. Dead Serious, not a joke.
  4. TallCakes

    TallCakes Well-Known Member

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  5. Ally330

    Ally330 Weekend thrifter

    I'm not an expert in anyway but tbh that doesn't look like westmoreland glass to me. Its easy to move a sticker... Im probably wrong but idk if you compare the shape and even the way the berries are painted... its just not westmoreland to me. Grapes were a popular westmoreland theme but they've always been raised or etched when I've seen them. The painted ones are usually on milk glass.

    That being said, I am probably wrong and this painting sorta looks like yours:

  6. ola402

    ola402 Well-Known Member

    I have 2 Westmoreland Glass reference books. One that includes their earlier items and one for their later items. Neither this wine glass, nor the decoration appears in either book. So I'm going with the idea that someone pasted a Westmoreland sticker on this glass, but it's not a WG product.

    However, I would definitely contact the collectors club as stated above to be sure that you have exhausted all searches. The CC members have seen it all. You could even refer them to this thread so you don't have to reiterate everything. Please let us know what you find out.
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  7. Crystalina

    Crystalina Active Member

    I'm thinking what most of you are, not Westmoreland. It has me perplexed for sure. I will contact the Collectors Club. Thank you everybody for the compliments and advice. Merry Christmas!
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  8. Crystalina

    Crystalina Active Member

    It does look alot like it.
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  9. say_it_slowly

    say_it_slowly The worst prison is a closed heart

    Do you only have one glass with a sticker or do you have more?
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  10. say_it_slowly

    say_it_slowly The worst prison is a closed heart

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  11. Crystalina

    Crystalina Active Member

    There was only the one glass
  12. RodgersThatX06

    RodgersThatX06 New Member

    I just found a bunch of these at the goodwill and they all have the westmoreland sticker as well. - In Connecticut. Where are you? Are they genuine?
  13. i need help

    i need help Moderator Moderator

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