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Discussion in 'Art' started by Crim000, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Crim000

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    If anyone can help with signature on this piece it is appreciated. A lot going on in this one roosters running dogs barking horses running lol. I believe the first name may be Hugo 4D34F6AB-7A49-4021-BCD5-E79D505D413E.jpeg FC528619-E3F1-4706-905F-BA0BF9FFD5D8.jpeg 6EA7ECD8-D658-4F97-B709-C6C66E3B3722.jpeg 509209A8-6953-4415-8B99-C344857B6F68.jpeg B51F404C-56AA-4E52-BB71-6509480EE9D2.jpeg 85A1C314-35D4-4442-96CB-FE271A1A1579.jpeg

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    Hugo Backhouse?
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