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  1. Does anybody have some ideas about this doll. She is about 12 inches tall and seems to be all fabric. She came in a basket of dolls and there is another similar to her but I really have no clue about her age or where she would have been made. No marks that I can find. She seems to be dressed using straight pins
    BD73D8A4-F663-4A73-A8E0-CEBBE790E121.jpeg 20984782-C837-4BAD-BA43-6794B8D14586.jpeg F3870250-DB9A-4193-BB0D-08FCA571BFD2.jpeg 7B2C9009-8C0A-4B97-A4B8-44297754D421.jpeg
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  2. i need help

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  3. pearlsnblume

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    I don't know anything about dolls, but the firs thing that came to mind when I saw it was "Gone With The Wind" Scarlett.
    Wait for those in the know to help you out.
  4. Debora

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  5. Christmasjoy

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    I'M not familiar with this type of doll as I collect antique dolls only. That being said she looks like one of the celluloid faced dolls coming from Italy in the 1930's .. 40's amd early 50's .. Anyone else have any info ??? .... Joy. :):):)
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  6. Aquitaine

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  7. clutteredcloset49

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  8. BoudiccaJones

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    I only know about fashion dollies like Sindy but this looks like a stockinette faced souvenir type doll from 40s or 50s x
  9. Any Jewelry

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    Not Turkish. That wide skirt and Phrygian style tasseled cap along with the short jacket revealing flaring shirt sleeves are Greek.:) It is the Amalia costume, created by Queen Amalia in the 1830s.


    Queen Amalia in the costume she created, the link below has more on the history


    Turkish costumes have those typical Turkish baggy trousers and generally long silk or embroidered coats.
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  10. Any Jewelry

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    I agree.:)
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    Souvenir as stated above. Was she in a basket of other same type dolls? Travelers purchased dolls to remember the Country that they had visited.

    She also reminds me of dolls made in Italy......namely Lenci, but this doll is NOT Lenci, but made somewhat in the style of. Quality is not the quality of a Lenci.

    Debora could be correct that she represents Turkey.

    Value is the demand probably is.

    You could check out completed on Ebay for souvenir will find many different types.
  12. judy

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    I just read AJ's reply that she is probably Greek.:cat:
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  13. Any Jewelry

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  14. Debora

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    Thank you, Any Jewelry, for the correction. I apologize for the mis-information.

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  15. Here is the other doll who is similar 4F6CB2DA-E3A2-4614-9B0C-025D9B481B5B.jpeg
  16. Thanks everybody for your help! I learned a lot.
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  17. Any Jewelry

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    Looks like her headdress is different. Could you post a picture of the side?
  18. Different angles and some others in the basket 8CA87B0C-9324-40C8-965D-1EFAD6EE4A36.jpeg 6C1CD3A1-5F1F-474E-9819-4E7AF05F7977.jpeg 515B358F-DE6E-40B1-A01E-D08E4961F2AB.jpeg
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  19. Any Jewelry

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    Thanks. Her dress looks Greek, but I am not familiar with a cap like that as being Greek. It is almost like she borrowed it from a Breton (France) friend.:playful:
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