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  1. Traci R Brock

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    I recently was given this set of vases & would like some specific info about them. I find vases that are similar online. But nothing that is exactly like them. I have found nothing that is similar to the taller & slender one. I believe they are referred to as Czech Bohemian glass & outside of that, I know nothing. Interested in knowing the era they were made, the artist & of course the value of them. Can anyone tell me or point me in the direction of someone who could tell me more please?

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  2. Roaring20s

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  3. Traci R Brock

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    Referencing the Chairish link: Most definitely is similar. The painted florals & gold gilding is slightly different. And I have still not found anything that is even similar to the taller and more slender one I have. Matter of fact, I don't find any that are paired sets.
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    This one of similar shape has some info from the seller on possible makers that might be a direction to look. There are differences. They say theirs is alexandrite (changes colors in different lighting)


    About their vase:
    "I emailed moser glass and this is what they said. It is also densely shaped, gilded with enamels and the painted scene is from the painter Jean-Antoine Watteau. We believe that the vase is a product of the Egermann Nový Bor glassworks or some Crystalex glassworks."
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    I’d think spot on with Egermann or another Crystalex. I’ve seen boxed pieces.
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