old crucifix with double top...any info

Discussion in 'Metalware' started by Bigfoot, Jun 18, 2024.

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    hello all and thanks in advance for your help....does anyone have any info on this piece such as age etc...its made of brass and has a double top..kinda looks knights templar or greek...i know some can be really old...any input would be helpful..thx andy

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    This is a type known as a Caravaca crucifix. It originated in the town of Caravaca (de la Cruz), Spain, in the 13th century. It is said it was the first type of crucifix brought to Mexico by the Spaniards, and it remains important among Mexican Catholics. Some versions have a pair of angels on either side.

    Difficult to say how old yours is. It is well cast, with sharp details and well finished. It does not look like it is a reproduction made from an older, worn crucifix (like is sometimes seen in recent reproductions of Orthodox icons coming out of Russia).

    Where did you acquire it?
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  3. Debora

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  4. Debora

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    The original in the Basilica Shrine of Vera Cruz in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia.)


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  5. Bigfoot

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    i purchased it for 1 dollar at a garage sale many many years ago....thank you all for your help..its so cool im just wondering how cool it really is..
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