Old pulleys or block and tackle implements

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    I'm so happy to have been directed to this site! OK....these pulleys (or are they called block and tackle? or both?) are big, heavy, and WAY out of my comfort zone. Hoping some of you can help ID/value. I think I found a few online, but not all.

    There are about four. I'll see if I can post them all here, or will post one by one on this thread (still very new to posting photos here).

    This first one is huge and heavy - over 14" with the hook, and 4" deep. The hook latches on and off. No markings. Appreciate any info on what it is, age, value. Thanks.

    IMG_1849.jpg IMG_1851.jpg

    This next one is smaller, and has some sort of mark on either side, but I can't make it out. I found similar ones with an anvil mark, but this isn't an anvil.
    IMG_1779.jpg IMG_1778.jpg

    This one - super heavy, lost of chains. I looked up the company. S.F. BOWSER & CO., FORT WAYNE, IND, and they dealt in auto parts, but no sign of this particular item (whatever it is). It's marked DIFFERENTIAL BLOCK 1/2 TON, and is about 8" long and very heavy.

    Last one - and this one I did find online, it's a barn hay pulley by Louden. I can't tell if the small chain belongs - I think it got tangled up with something else. (?).


    Hey, as a side-note I'd like to thank whoever put this board together - what a pleasure to be able to upload images with such ease, drag them around, and include several in one post! All of the thumbnails can be clicked on for a larger view btw.
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    Welcome aboard Hokey !!
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    Guessing here-last one has some collector/deco value-wag $50. First-snatch block $15. 2nd-double block-$15. 3rd-differential block with ___feet of ___inch chain $30. None are really very saleable as antiques, these things all turn up quite often at flea markets-they were used in workshops, garages, barns etc.
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    Oh, spring, you devil, you. I see you've stolen that avatar. Nice.:joyful:
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    I see you've stolen that avatar

    Well madam, uh, uh, not at all really you see, um, you have certainly heard "Imitation is the highest form of flattery" and such? And the words, yes, the words are all at least 39 44/100 % ours. So my deah, when I gaze into a mirror I see not a Thief, no, but perhaps a frequent borrower of interesting imagery.
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    Man.....( woman) can not live by bread alone....
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    I'm glad the values are moderate. I sold an old pulley for $20 and if you'd suggested higher prices I'd be kicking myself.
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