One for @Tallcakes - cake stand.

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  1. lvetterli

    lvetterli Well-Known Member

    I purchased this a while ago along with an Indiana Constellation one. I'm finally down to trying to id it. Help, please! 11" in diameter, 5" high, a heavy piece. I'm also fiddling with my new camera, looks like it's going to take more work!
    DSCN0012_1.JPG DSCN0015.JPG DSCN0013.JPG
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  2. TallCakes

    TallCakes Well-Known Member

    I have one of these also (has a big chip); given to be by a sis who picked it up cheap at a yard sale (she didn't see the chip). I haven't tried to find the maker. It is heavy lead glass/crystal; likely German or Poland recent import.
  3. lvetterli

    lvetterli Well-Known Member

    Ahah! Thank you, I will use it for cupcakes for a wedding coming up and then put a reasonable price on it and put it in a mall. It's sure pretty though!
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