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    Watching the Pawn Stars episode where Rick is offered a document appointing the head of the Nevada Assay Office, signed by President U.S. Grant, reminded me of our close, but no cigar experience with a similar document.

    We have a handwritten family history manuscript notebook written by the son of the prominent Director of the U.S. Mint, Henry R. Linderman (commissioned once by President Andrew Johnson, and twice by President Ulysses S. Grant). In it, he had pasted two of the appointment documents of his father, one signed by Andrew Johnson, and the other signed by Ulysses S. Grant. But this is how he left it (the note says "Framed and in my house as are also the other two commissions). Somewhere, unless thrown away over the years, there are a couple presidentially signed documents with the paper from our notebook still stuck on the back of them.
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