Painted double golded Handle Ruffled mouth vase

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  1. rknarr2

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    I found this painted double goldened handled, ruffled mouth vase.
    Dimensions are around 3" top diameter x 2 1/2" bottom diameter x 7 1/2" height.
    It has approximately 1 3/4" broken off and glued on piece of the mouth see last 2 photos. No, I was not the one who broke it off and glued it back on either. I do not know the company nor painter of this vase. Should I chuck it or worth trying to sell it? Thank you for your help in this request. Rob

    IMG_3610small.JPG IMG_3612small.JPG IMG_3614small.JPG IMG_3615small.JPG
  2. SBSVC

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    Rob, is there nothing at all on the bottom?
    I'm thinking it's Japanese, and the damage to it probably negatively affects any monetary value.
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