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    Hi, not much to tell, my Dad really never spoke much of the war. He was stationed in the Phillipines, even spoke the language a bit.He named my brother after a buddy who was killed :( My Dad got the name Dusty in the Navy and to this day he is still called Dusty.:p

    He was 17 when he joined and my Grandparents had to sign for him. He has tattoos of a star on each front of his shoulder, a gal on his arm that he could make dance with the flexing of his muscle,his Mom and sister's names too. What my Mom told me was the girl was naked so when they dated she made him have a grass skirt tattoed on her or my Mom would not date him anymore.:D
    This is the only pic I have of him on a beach with his Navy buddies. He is on the far left.
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    EXCELLENT to all!!! Thank you!!! :)
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    It's good he's on the left......cuz the guy in the middle looks like a girl !!
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    Welcome Kingofkings!!
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    Hey! I just noticed my typo, sorry KingofThings.:shame:
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    That's ok....
    You can call me that too. :)
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