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    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg I've had these for awhile and I really like them. I've looked up this artist and I'm finding prints all over the place ranging from $25-$100+. I can't find any real information on the artist, other than he was born in 1963 I believe. He seems like he is well established as an artist.

    These two pieces are from 1993. I know they are prints but I'm having a hard time locating anything about the actual painting or any other prints that may have been made. One is tilted "Roma" and the other is "Athena". These are large, roughly 24x 36.
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    Well, I found out more about the artist. Looks like he was part of the Phoenix Art Group when these two pieces were made.

    Phoenix Art Group
    Production Manager | Designer
    • As PM & OM, prepared financial plans, cost analysis models and budgets. Consistently led company in productivity, efficiency and low turnover rates. Skillfully hit deadlines of product shipments to major customers and trade-shows under budget. Ability to communicate and motivate all levels of the workforce.
    • Over 14-year tenure at PAG, a design-art company held every relevant title. Began career in frame shop, apprenticed under Master Printer Robert DeVoe in the Studio, became a principle artist, managed Frame Shop and Art Departments, coordinated traveling shows, conceived and started an extremely successful 3D-Metal Department. Proficient in welding, metal forming, woodworking, construction and fabrication. Skilled in many mediums including, but not limited to etching, screenprinting, monoprinting, lithography and woodcut.
    • Served as company photographer, then supervisor as digital department expanded. Lead the transition from analog to digital photography. Familiar with large-format digital & analog photography and printing.
    • Proficient in MS Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Studio MX Web Suite, SBT, Mass90 & QuickBooks. Familiar with many other programs including RIP and CAD software in the PC and Macintosh platforms. A 'quick learn' on software and computing principles. Effective understanding of networks and computer hardware.
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    I contacted the artist and sent some images of these to him. I find it interesting that he worked at The Phoenix Art Group as a printmaker during the time that these were made. I hoping that he can confirm that he did these prints himself or not.
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    Good luck with this!
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    That was odd...I called Jay B. Hall by the phone number that was listed on his resume that he has with above mentioned info. in it. When I stated that it mentions on his resume that he worked for the Phoenix Art Group, he quickly denied it and said I had the wrong person.

    Why would an artist do that? I'm pretty sure he gets this kind of thing all the time but he can politely decline to comment.

    Maybe it is the wrong person. I guess it's back to searching. It just bumfuzzles me that it states he worked at Phoenix Art Group but denied that fact.
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    Could be the wrong person, but not all artists want to be tracked down and called at home or at work. People deserve some privacy.
  7. Armando0831

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    I understand privacy but this number was on a site for him, along with his email.
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    interesting. I have one I purchased in 1994 and have the paperwork from Phoenix Art Press thought it would be interesting to learn more about it as well
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