Featured Please help identify this gold over glass slim vase

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Marie W, Mar 11, 2024.

  1. Marie W

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    I scored this at my local thrift today. It was super dusty, and from a distance looked almost like it was painted. Cleaned it up and tried google lens, and the results are (as usual) all over the place. So far, Ransgil & Glastonbury are the two companies that I am seeing, but there are many others with no company listed.
    Measures 10" tall, and the opening and foot are both 3" wide.

    I had no success finding another with the three round bits at the bottom. I was considering selling this, but the more I look at it on my credenza, the more I quite like it!
    Thanks in advance! Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 5.38.29 PM.png

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  3. moreotherstuff

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  4. moreotherstuff

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    I had a piece of this once. Never knew what it was.

    Globe Ball Glass Vase Floral Etch Gold Gilded-a.jpg
  5. Marie W

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    Yep, Ransgil and Glastonbury. The Etsy link does look quite similar, but are the balls clear glass? I can't tell from those images. I'm guessing it's one or the other, and not really sure if it makes a big difference. I will say that the one I bought is in amazing condition, and the clear top is probably to avoid wearing away the gold. I'm guessing it's MidCentury based on what I read about both of those companies.
    Leaning more toward Ransgil, based on my location (PNW) and the similar ones I'm seeing. Saw a little factoid that they used blanks from Cambridge and Fostoria and other glass companies for their gold ware... this makes sense as to why I'm not seeing identical matches when searching by image.
  6. Marie W

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    OOOH! That's a lovely piece.
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  7. Mike Mac Dnald

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    It seems people are giving stuff away these days.
  8. mmarco102

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