Please help with date on this Minton tile trivet

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  1. Lizzie

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    This 6" square Minton tile is a trivet with a twisted metal frame and legs. In trying to do research on dating these tiles, I read that if says Minton that it is from 1862-1872 but if it says Mintons than it was made after 1873 but perhaps that is just for pottery not tiles. I am lost. The back of this tile has both Minton and Mintons. It has brown discoloration on the top and on the back where it is unglazed and some chipping on the tile around the metal frame so possibly it is too damaged to try and sell anyway. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for looking.

    Resize front.jpg

    Resize front 2.jpg

    Resize back.jpg

    Resize back 2.jpg

    Minton seal.jpg
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  2. sabre123

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    Out of my realm, but everything I have seen in 5 minutes of searching shows the mark with a globe with MINTON in the middle badge area as being a standard printed mark, c.1863-72

    They added a crown above the globe c.1873, and also changed to MINTONS in the center badge area.

    But, see what other members say who are more familiar with this type of thing.
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  3. Lizzie

    Lizzie All you need is love ...and a dog.

    Thank you Sabre. I appreciate you taking the time to check the dating.
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