Please help with elegant glass pattern.

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    Hello, everyone. I have this lovely, pale yellow glass plate, 11" across inside the handles. I've looked through my books for Cambridge, Heisey and Imperial and my friend looked through her book on Fostoria. I'd like to ID it before I decide where to put it and of course, what to ask for it. The pattern is pressed, not etched or cut. Thanks to all,

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    Many thanks, @TallCakes! What did you use for search terms? Dart never would have occurred to me! And I'm not sure I really knew there was a Lancaster glass. Oh, the things I learn on this board!

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    chataboutdg is one of the better and more reliable online sources for ID'ing Elegant glass. I thought the handle was distinctive enough to try a search of 'handled and plate'; fortunately there were only 4 pages of results. And Lancaster was one of the maker's that did come to mind also...
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