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    HI! I am looking to acquire a full set of Japanese Imari style china (setting for 8-10 but many pieces). The price I would pay is determined on being able to ID the maker and age of the set. So far, after many hours online, I'm giving up and turning to the community. My best guess so far is Arita Hi (Zen) 1868 - 1912 for the blue mark which is on the bottom of each dish. The red mark is part of the design on the lid of the rice bowls and may help with ID. 814b.jpg 20191203_165300.jpg 20191202_133115 (640x360).jpg 20191203_143419 (640x360).jpg What to y'all think? Thank you! 814b.jpg 20191203_165300.jpg
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    Just buy it. Typical late 19thc Arita Imari ware - maker is not important.
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