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    Hello everyone,
    Now, when there is a lot of time to work online due to the pandemic, I would like to share an interesting story about one porcelain figurine I have.
    The story tells how the porcelain figurine of a ballet girl Lenochka (pet name) turned out to be in New York. The story comes back to 2017 when the famous American sculptor Jeff Koons installed an inflatable sculpture "Sitting Ballet Girl" at the entrance of Rockefeller Center in NY.
    Ballet dancer.jpg Immediately Jeff Koons was blamed of illegal reproduction of the porcelain figurine Ballet Girl Lenochka made by a famous Ukrainian sculptor Oksana Zhnykrup. But the official representative of the sculptor announced that he got permission from the family to use this image and even paid royalty.
    The figurine was made in 1974 but the model of this figurine disappeared. Fortunately, they made a limited circulation of this figurine.
    And now - be on alert! I have one. Here it is:
    Ballet dancer.jpg
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    She is beautiful.
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    Thanks for the interesting information, she is a beautiful ballerina!
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    Thanks for sharing, @Natasha

    I like the koons sculpture. He's used images of many famous objects and people in his work, including Michael Jackson... I'm sure he knows his way around royalties :)
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    Vintage Porcelain "Seated Ballerina" by Oksana Zhnikrup 169.99
    ebay image.jpg ebay image2.jpg
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