Porcelain mark question

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  1. AnaK

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    Good morning all.
    Wanted to ask for help please identifying this mark. Bought a porcelain figurine and have not been able to identify the maker. Will take photos of the figurine and will post shortly as well.

    apologies, the image is loading sideways - I do not know how to rotate it - the proper orientation is the line is vertical and the squiggly lines are horizontal.
    Many thanks a 795EC59C-9BF5-4231-A6BA-1165A91F1080.jpeg
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  2. AnaK

    AnaK Member

    Here are the photos
  3. AnaK

    AnaK Member

    Here are the photos D3500462-A3DA-4D14-9AB3-BC8D78165FD4.jpeg

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  4. Bronwen

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  5. AnaK

    AnaK Member

    Thank you! Yes, the subject I recognize but can’t find this golden mark. Looked thru books and web... no luck.... Samson maybe?
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  6. AnaK

    AnaK Member

    The style/design I was able to find as of Derby I think; but have not been able to identify the mark..... :-(
  7. blooey

    blooey Well-Known Member

    This is a very lovely figure, not the usual mass produced stuff I usually see around. Good score, whomever made it!

    post a pic of the underside if you can please
  8. AnaK

    AnaK Member

    Thank you very much. It is a beautiful piece! More photos F8EF5CDE-DB50-44D6-BB15-18317F7EE554.jpeg F8EF5CDE-DB50-44D6-BB15-18317F7EE554.jpeg 467804A1-BA59-4643-85D5-7A4889941478.jpeg 283C4C39-037E-4FC5-86F8-E5617006AB34.jpeg 7443F100-627C-4FC9-9DAE-6B21E58028B0.jpeg 31CA8857-2ACE-4A6D-9BEF-E1DF40D84DC7.jpeg 1824A4F3-E9BB-435B-B40D-CC35166EFF13.jpeg
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