Possible Judy Garland Autograph??

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by Grateful, May 8, 2021.

  1. Grateful

    Grateful Well-Known Member

    Good Evening!

    There is probably a better board on the internet, Facebook, etc., to address movie collections or autographs, but I'll start here.

    I recently picked up a huge box of Wizard of Oz items that appeared to be the result of cleaning out someone's possessions & tossing them in boxes. Among the items, literally all tossed haphazardly inside, was this photo and autograph. I know that there are more fakes/reproductions than authentic autographs out there, but this is just giving me too much curiosity.

    Nobody suggested that this box had an authentic autograph, and it is framed so unassumingly. The frame is inexpensive & the old-style corner tabs are used to mount the autograph, yet keep it from damage.

    Judy Garland had a variety of signature styles, and while this does not appear to be from her more mature acting days, it could be from the early days. I had discarded the notion of it being real because of the G, but then found a similar G out there.

    Would you run down this rabbit hole, and what step(s) would you take next?? Thanks!


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  2. johnnycb09

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    Is that a card its on,or the bottom of a letter someone clipped off ? Do you know whats on the other side ? Back in the 80s-90s autographs were a huge thing so fakes abounded. There were stores in malls that sold just autographs . That does look like it was signed with a fountain pen,so it could be older. Huge collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia screams gay man of a certain age . :)
  3. antidiem

    antidiem Well-Known Member

    Well, now I want to see your comparisons! :)
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  4. Grateful

    Grateful Well-Known Member

    It's on a pre-cut card. There is nothing behind it. I think this will sit for awhile and I'll just enjoy the loot for the whole $3.00 I spent on it. I am a huge Oz fan. At the ripe old age of 6, I announced in the dentist's office that I was going to be Dorothy when I grew up. I still think that I'll be Dorothy when I grow up.

    Side note...many years ago, my grandmother (deceased at the age of 98 over 30 years ago) had requested all the US President's signatures during their terms from about her 30's until her 60'S. She was making a "Presidential Quilt" of all of their signatures. She kept ALL the provenance, including carbon-copied requests, responses (they ALL signed a piece of paper she had carefully measured), envelopes, etc. Some of the President's wrote brief letters and hand-signed them. It was very cool. Unfortunately, a relative of mine had a rather difficult period in their life and decided to pawn the quilt and associated treasures. UGH....
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  5. Grateful

    Grateful Well-Known Member

    A few too many to share. There are zillions out there. Wikipedia has to most common. That search, however short, made me happy I am not in the autograph business!!
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