Possibly unique unfinished Royal Worcester

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  1. HardstyleMike

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    Hello, I have a piece of Royal Worcester, stamped 1978. It is a figurine of a lady, however it is unfinished.

    In comparison to images available online of the same piece, the top half has not been glazed. This is also evidenced by the lower glazed edge being rough as though it was expected that those edges would be covered by a further glazing.

    I am wondering if it is possible that an unfinished piece such as this could make it out of the factory with a stamp, and if unfinished and possibly unique, what it's value may be?

    Thank you for your time.

    20231203_124857.jpg 20231203_124843.jpg 20231203_124832.jpg
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  2. Ce BCA

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    Usually pieces were unfinished as there was some issue/fault which became apparent so the item was discarded. They got out of the factory as workers would take them home, they were not retailed (I had a relative who worked in the Stoke pot banks that did this many years ago, the businesses didn't really care as the items can't be recycled). Regarding value, although it may be unique there is minimal interest from collectors so they are usually worth much less than a completed example. I have had many uncompleted items over the years (you still see a lot of uncompleted Derby about) and they are very difficult to sell.
  3. kentworld

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    What Ce BCA said. ;)
  4. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    it'll be a Antique in 2078.....then the price might rise..!
  5. Aquitaine

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    What a beautiful piece!! Looks like the chips in the ruffle of the coat on HER left side might be the reason.....too bad...she's a sweet piece!!

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