Pottery bud vase? Studio or other art pottery? Signature help - origin?

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  1. aaroncab

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    Long shot but wondering if anyone recognizes the signature/mark on this piece. It is just over 6" tall and the body is about 5" in diameter. Marked CMK? or perhaps just MK? Any ideas on origin?

    As always - thanks for looking!

    48917300626_8dbd440ea1_kdev.jpg 48917507507_d32468ff68_kdev.jpg 48917300791_55747b54d9_kdev.jpg 48917300386_738be15fdd_kdev.jpg 48917300396_9b270cbf26_kdev.jpg 48916775783_ec643731f1_kdev.jpg 48917507402_b9dd032d80_kdev.jpg 48917300496_66ef22f4a7_kdev.jpg 48916775383_26f926fee7_kdev.jpg
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  2. johnnycb09

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    Carol Kubesh ? [​IMG]
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  3. aaroncab

    aaroncab in veritate victoria

    Thanks Johnny - it's a possibility - CMK - and the way the K is formed off the M is similar, although there are immediate differences.

    Mine is inscribed in the clay and glaze applied to the grooves of the sig. This one is written in red pen. There is no tail on the K like on mine. - The clay is completely different (appears to be a doll made from modelling clay). Also, different subject matter.
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