Potties have you seen this Bear honey pot? before?

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  1. 916Bulldogs123

    916Bulldogs123 Well-Known Member

    I have been searching for days and can't seem to find another quite like him.
    He is 6 1/2" tall.
    It is signed on the bottom Alta '58
    Could it be a one off? wouldn't there have to of been a mold?
    Is he a honey pot?
    All thoughts appreciated.
    100_0791.JPG 100_0794.JPG 100_0792.JPG 100_0793.JPG 100_0795.JPG 100_0802.JPG 100_0797.JPG
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  2. Joe in PA

    Joe in PA Well-Known Member

    Appears to be mass produced (slip cast) pottery. Maybe a pottery store glaze it yourself? Perhaps someone can id if not
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  3. Kronos

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  4. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    He looks like someone made him in pottery class.
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