Presidium gem tester

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by KSW, Aug 16, 2019 at 5:15 AM.

  1. KSW

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  2. Miscstuff

    Miscstuff Australia

    Don't know the product but not keen on the idea of thermal absorption for coloured gems. Much prefer a refractometer and a polariscope as well as a microscope to do my identification. :)
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  3. KSW

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    That sounds all very technical.....:pompous:
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  4. Miscstuff

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    Yes it has to be as the fakers are seriously good at what they do. To fool this tester just a thin slice or a faceted crown of the desired material on the top of a faceted stone in its setting is all that is needed. Some diamond fakes have just the faceted crown glued on to the fitting so being able to test all round the stone can be important too.
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  5. KSW

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    I'm not a jeweller and just want something to give me an idea of what I have. Don't think I have gems in that sort of league!
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  6. Any Jewelry

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  7. Fid

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    sooooo...could you recommend affordable models for non-professionels ? I often thought about it as well but what I find costs an arm and a leg. cheers.
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  8. Miscstuff

    Miscstuff Australia

    Learning how to test is like any hobby - antiques - astronomy - restoration etc it take time and experience. These days you can buy some quite cheap analytical gear like refractometers and polariscopes etc on eBay ..
    and also
    and you find the data all over the net
    Also googling "gemstone inclusions" helps ID stones.
    Then you join a gemology forum and ask questions about identification problems you might have. You are also allowed to drool over some the gems shown by members.
    As for myself I did 99% of the "Colored gemstone" course at the Gemological Institute of America" in the late 1980s but ran out of money and had to come home. This was before they went bust and were bought out by the jewelry industry and all the settings they referred to as fraudulent and deceptive were removed from the curriculum and replaced by "legitimate" trade names.
    It's not rocket science but like all hobbies it take time to learn.
    Hope this helps
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  9. kingcake

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    I have 1 that is small and sits flat on a desk..It was a gift and seems doesnt, i like that it can tell the difference between jade and other gemstones.. I reccomend the presidium tester..but i would not sell on this evaluation alone.
  10. Marko

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    I got the big clunky model. I love mine.
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