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    I don’t think these items are antique but I figured there would be someone here that could help me out. I have a set of Chinaware (Noritake Elegance in Blue) that is no longer made and I am trying to get rid of all of it quickly! I don’t have a car really to be driving all over the place findingnplaces that will take it and I need to make money fast to buy my son Christmas presents and pay my rent that I am two months behind in...any help? I know replacements website will take it but they don’t pay much . So that she my last option.

    YES I KNOW TS ABSOLUTELY FILTHY LOL I JUST TOOK ITMOUT AND DIDNT CLEAN ANYTHNG YET. Besides the dirt it’s mint! 77C4FD51-A416-4DEB-907D-8D4067DBABDB.jpeg 72F1A89F-F36F-42EE-AAE0-D2A7562B0217.jpeg 50EF7DDA-3DEA-4564-9E16-2E9625FE590D.jpeg
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    I don't know where you're located but I would think that in general selling the entire set locally might be a struggle. Our local newspaper offers free classified listings for "Treasure Seekers", so that might be an option to pursue. Facebook usually has local selling pages.

    I looked at the Replacements prices, and they're good, but I know they pay little when they're buying. If you can sell it on Ebay, that would probably be your best bet, but don't expect Replacements prices. Look up your pattern on Ebay and then check the "Completed" and "Sold" listings (look on the left of the Ebay page for Completed/Sold). This will give you an idea of what you can expect to realize.

    Your best bet would be to sell the serving pieces individually, then sell the dinner plates in groups of 2 or 4, same with the salad plates, bowls, etc. You can try the cups and saucers, but in general they're not great sellers. Since you're in a hurry to sell, I'd do fixed price with best offer enabled.

    You can get shipping boxes free from the USPS online or free at your local post office. If you can't afford packing peanuts and new bubble wrap, go to a local furniture store or local gift shop and ask them for packing materials. They'll usually let you have them free.

    Make sure you charge adequately for shipping, and do it online through Ebay/PayPal so you get a discount. If you don't have a postal scale, then compare weights of the dishes with canned goods or similar. Double the item weight when you enter the package weight in the Ebay shipping section of the listing (i.e., if 2 plates weigh 1 1/2 lbs, enter 3 lbs into Ebay's shipping calculator. Pack securely so that each piece is well protected and so that nothing moves or rattles in the shipping box. Packages have to be secure enough to tumble down a conveyer belt or get tossed into a truck.

    Good luck to you!
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    Have you considered a garage sale ? If not at your place,maybe a friends house?
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    Seems like the Elegance in Blue pattern does rather well on Ebay - 4 soup bowls sold Nov 15 for $122 - another set of 4 sold Nov 27 for $52. Set of 3 dinner plates for $50. Etc... Might not be a bad place to sell them...
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