Featured Quimper floral vase, help with date and authenticity

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    Hi, bought this vase today in the flea market. It has beautiful floral patterns, looks like hand painted, 10 inch high. It's marked with HR Quimper and has some paper marks mentioning the early 20th century. But it looks quite new for 100 years piece, and I did not find any similar patterns for this mark.

    So curious if it can be an original piece and if it's really early 20th. What do you think?



    IMG_0729.jpg IMG_0736.jpg


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  3. say_it_slowly

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    I don't know enough about various Quimper factories products to say one way or the other but the style resembles some Rouen or Desvres pottery.

    The mark looks a little like it could have been altered but that's just an observation, nothing I know. Might be worth looking with magnification to see if there is a difference in the paint/ink of the sig at various points etc.

    Here is a site with tons of Quimper marks to peruse if it helps.

  4. komokwa

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    it's lovely !
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