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Discussion in 'Art' started by Daniel G, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Daniel G

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    I acquired this colorful lithograph recently. It was presented to Elizabeth Taylor and her husband Larry Fortensky by highly acclaimed Navajo artist, R.C. Gorman. The piece, Chinle Ruby Throated Hummingbird, is one of the very limited presentation proofs initially printed in 1992 and was included with a note of best wishes from Gorman.

    Any sense of the additional value of a presentation proof vs artist proof vs limited edition. I understand that many other factors come into play. I always thought that presentation proofs were reserved for museums for the most part although I suspect that this may depend on the artist.

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    E67913C5-4A4A-4AC8-9F6E-32C4CC698CF6.jpeg It does seem he had a relationship with many of the stars of the time.
    You might find some other prints that have sold with a dedication like yours. Can you show what’s written?
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    If you've got that provenance, (LIZ) and it isn't just "I hear it was presented to" but actual written proof with a "to her" on the accompanying note, I would say that would dramatically increase the value. People are obsessed with the cult of personality and she had a big one (personality, that is:D)
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  5. Daniel G

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    The provenance is rock solid, coming from her trust. Here is the dedication

  6. komokwa

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    Yes...to Liz should up the value.....how much...who knows......you'll know when you sell it !

    I've never heard of presentation proofs.....& you say these were ' very limited ' , but that means nothing to me without an edition number on the print.
    Do you have a document telling how many of these open editions he actually made or gave away...or sold ???
  7. Daniel G

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    I do not intend to sell it. This is not an “open edition”. These were issued in 1992 with the release of the original limited edition of 225. I cannot find it now but I recall seeing that there were about 10 artist proofs and around 5 presentation proofs. Galleries will typically publish those documents but the artist presenting this as a gift may not be inclined to distribute “documents” to the recipient. Perhaps, I will try the RC Gorman Navajo Gallery

    Plan B They want $250

    I will check here

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  8. Daniel G

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    I am sorry but I was mistaken. I did find this additional documentation with the piece, suggesting 21 presentation proof sets.

    Webp.net-resizeimage 18.jpg
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    There is a definition of Presentation Proofs on this page from the Institute for Research in Art at the University of South Florida: http://graphicstudio.usf.edu/gs/education/printmaking.html
    "Presentation Proofs. Signed impressions equal in quality to the numbered edition, which are inscribed and presented by the artist to special collaborators, involved in the project whose contributions the artist wishes to recognize. The Presentation Proof is a long-standing tradition in the printmaking profession, and provides special collaborators with important samples of their work for their portfolio."

    - Now, I'm not sure that Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky actually collaborated, or how they were involved in the project. But this is one definition. I'm seeing similar definitions on other sites also.
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  10. Daniel G

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    Yeah, not sure either, fig. I found this story interesting http://twograces.blogspot.com/2011/04/elizabeth-taylor-rc-gorman-taos.html?m=1
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  11. moreotherstuff

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    Thanks for the tag, but it seems everyone knows more about this print than I do.

    The article in that last link mentions a portrait of Taylor by Gorman. Looking at the portrait in that link and at the present print, I'm guessing that image of Taylor is not the one by Gorman. The portrait in the link looks more like Warhol.
  12. Daniel G

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    Yes, most definitely Warhol
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