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  1. Bigfoot

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    HELLO ALL and thanks in advance for your help..these are robert klaas prussia scissors..i need help to date them and identify what type they were used first i thought it was a wick trimmer because of the vertical edge..The handles also have a funky curved shape..the blades are curved up...the makers mark says ROBt KLAAS PRUSS'A...THANKS AGAIN ....ANDY

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  2. komokwa

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    candle snuffer.........
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  3. Bigfoot

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    i was not sure because theres no box...any idea of age
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  5. Aquitaine

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    "Snuffers are first recorded in the 15th century. Numerous patents for them are known from the mid-18th century, regularly reappearing with new improvements until 1840"
    From Google search....​
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  6. Bigfoot

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    thanks so much to all...for your help...andy
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