Royal Delft Vase or fake?

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  1. I bought a vase at a second hand shop in Amsterdam and was trying to track down its origins. I found a similar piece ( ) claiming to be Royal Delft from the 1970s, but I didn’t see this specific marking on the company’s marking index. I know some years did not have the actual mark included on the list, but can anyone offer some guidance? Otherwise I’ll just ignorantly enjoy my $15 purchase thinking it’s worth $400.
  2. Marote

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    Hi Megs, welcome!
    I don't see where 1stdibs claims this to be Royal Delft. They actually mention it's Gewina Delft, but I only know Gewina with this mark
    Since 1879, the Royal Delft mark is
    with an apothecary bottle, the initials of Joost Thooft, the owner in 1876, and the word 'Delft'
    I didn't find any name for your mark yet ...
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    Yours was made by 'De Kroon' (The Crown).* And as Marote noted, the one in the link was made by 'Gewina'.
    So neither were made by 'de Porceleyne Fles', which is the name of Royal Delft.

    Your vase was part of a 'kaststel', a set of vases to be displayed on top of a Dutch cabinet.
    First of all, 1st Dibs asking prices are generally nowhere near actual sold prices.
    Second, Delfts/Delft blue values depend on the name, age, quality and the type of decoration.

    I just checked, yours is not by 'de Kroon'. Your crown mark looks more like a fantasy mark used by some makers.
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  4. Marote

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    A crown that looks like
  5. Any Jewelry

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    Below is an example of a 3 piece 'kaststel'. Sets can have more than three vases, but always an odd number. Yours is one of the outer vases.


    I don't know the prices for Delfts or Delft lookalikes in the US, but you probably did well for $15. Having said that, you probably notice the difference in quality.;)
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    2/3 of my (small) 'kaststel' by Flora (if I'm not mistaken)
    Also with a crown mark
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  7. Any Jewelry

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    A different one to OPs, so a different maker. Are they an actual set? The decoration seems to be different.
    I like the fluted sides. Is that Nessie on top of the centre one?:angelic:

    As I said in the edited part above, crowns can be fantasy marks.
    The actual 'de Kroon' mark is different from the fantasy marks. My initial attribution was a brain(beep).:bag:
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  8. say_it_slowly

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    I also looked through my Delftware marks book and didn't see any crowns that look like yours. Most have additional marking details.

    I think it probably doesn't matter too much, though it's always good to know if knowing is possible. I think yours is a fairly modern piece of a souvenir type.

    This is the only piece I think I have in the general shape but it's damaged and old. I think it's 18th C by de Lampetkan. It's about 8½" high (22 cm), the number is mine.

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    After taking the photo, I wondered the same thing. So after reading your comment, I went back for another check, and the other side of the vase has the matching decoration, and the centerpiece is numbered 440 and the vases 441.


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  10. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    I think you are right. It is one of the marks they used, and it is de Lampetkan quality. It also looks like the period to my not so expert eyes.

    Pity they couldn't have broken the other side instead, if at all.;) But it is a beauty, even with that damage.:)
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  11. Marote

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  12. say_it_slowly

    say_it_slowly The worst prison is a closed heart

    I've always thought the same thing but at least no one tossed it out!
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