Featured Royal Dux elephant, with stamp, no pink triangle. Real or fake...?

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    I have this elephant, which got acquired during the WW2 but possibly dates back to the 1920s.

    It only has the Royal Dux stamp, but also next to it are engraved numbers 8730 18

    Does anyone know anything about this elephant? Could it be a fake?

    I've attached photos.

    Thank you.

    20240526_131619.jpg 20240526_131559.jpg 20240526_131537.jpg 20240526_131454.jpg 20240526_131420.jpg 20240526_131359.jpg
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  3. JB Miller

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    Your mark is shown in the book 'Porcelain Manufactory Royal Dux Bohemia' as being used from 1938-1945.

  4. from_the_war

    from_the_war New Member

    Thank you.

    So, it seems it was made somewhen in the period 1938-1945.
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  5. kentworld

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    Vindication!! :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
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